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Digital Transformation &
Big Data Governance

Digital Transformation initiatives often do not meet high expectations wasting millions of dollars and creating frastration. Some of the common reasons we have seen in our experience:

  • Misalignment with key strategic business objectives;
  • Lack of measurable and realistic metrics of success;
  • Absense of a roadmap with well defining milestones;
  • Overestimating Digital Transformation benefits and underestimating level of complexity;
  • Poor Data and Cloud Governance;
  • Underestimating cost of ownership;
  • Lack of technical skills and poor selection of tools.

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We are your Big Data humble trusted advisors

We bring many years of hands-on experience to serve your business goals. Our sharply focused expertise allows us to accurately identify your data transformation pain points and fine tune your processes to get the most value on your cloud investments.

We can help making your Digital Transformation investment more efficient:

  • provide you with a second professional opinion;
  • build roadmap and improve data and cloud governance;
  • assist with tool selection and executing POC;
  • help with resources augmentation;
  • and much more!

Enjoy Our Offering

Our principles

  • Plan thoroughly, act fast;
  • Validate ideas against technology capabilities and business objectives;
  • Build efficiently with the total cost of ownership in mind;
  • Cloud services costs add up quickly;
  • Measure and improve.

What we offer

  • Technology architectural design and implementation consulting;
  • Assessment of the existing data pipelines;
  • Assessment of the cloud resources consumption and workload optimization;
  • Assessment of cloud costs and cost optimization;
  • Staff Augmentation.

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