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Dremio Implementation Consulting

Dremio is an Open Data Lakehouse platform and a Data Virtualization Engine. It is at the heart of most modern data platforms, turning them into analytical powerhouses.

Being at the cutting edge of the data platform technology, Dremio requires expertise at every heartbeat of its lifecycle. Generalized implementation framework explains complexity of Dremio implementation.

Dremio Implementation Framework

What we offer


  • Data platform architecture design and assessment. 
  • Dremio deployment. 
  • Monitoring solution design and implementation. 
  • Integration with existing infrastructure, data sources, and data consumers. 
  • Implementing CI/CD pipelines. 
  • ETL processes design and implementation with Dremio and Apache Spark. 
  • Semantic layer and reflections engineering. 
  • Health check of the existing implementation. 
  • Performance and cost assessment and optimization. 
  • Troubleshooting complex cross-platform technical challenges. 

When we add value

  • Data platform migration to a cloud. 
  • Data platform modernization. 
  • Unsure on Dremio use cases. 
  • Deciding on Dremio deployment options. 
  • Business demands hard to achieve SLA. 
  • Platform ownership costs are growing faster than estimated. 
  • Dremio does not perform up to expectations. 


  • Shorter time to market. 
  • Stabilized and monitored Dremio environment. 
  • Satisfied SLA. 
  • Predictable implementation. 
  • Manageable adoption. 
  • Analytics on usage, SLA, and health.