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News: Introducing SparkScope - Spark Optimization Project

I am excited to share that UCE Systems has open-sourced SparkScope - a monitoring and profiling tool for Apache Spark applications - credits to Piotr Sobczak .

In our experience, Apache Spark applications, on average, utilize less than 50% of allocated resources, creating a huge financial and environmental waste. SparkScope helps to solve this problem by producing graphical reports on actual resource utilization, allocation, and demand.

SparkScope is the first tool in our line of products for Apache Spark optimization. You can utilize it with any Spark distribution, whether you are running it on-premises, on a cloud, or using a managed service such as Databricks.

You can find SparkScope at We hope you find it useful and will greatly appreciate any comments, ideas, and suggestions to make it better. Your feedback is invaluable in our continuous effort to improve and innovate.

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Source: Linkedin