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UCE Systems and MinIO Partner to Deliver Hybrid Cloud-Ready Solutions


UCE Systems, a leading consulting firm focused on Modern Data Platforms and MinIO, a leading provider of object storage solutions, are excited to announce their new partnership. This collaboration aims to address needs for both parties.  For UCE Systems, MinIO addresses the challenges clients have associated with modernizing their data platforms from traditional Hadoop-based data architectures or legacy data warehouse to cloud-native, hybrid, and Kubernetes-native environments. By leveraging MinIO's innovative storage platform, UCE Systems aims to simplify operations, reduce costs, and enhance data analytics capabilities for its clients.  For MinIO, the partnership fills a gap in professional services that clients sometimes require during implementations or for ongoing expertise post implementation. 

MinIO is truly an enabler for streamlining a large scale, reliable hybrid infrastructure while improving performance and reducing total cost of ownership. We proved MinIO value while delivering a solution for a large financial organization and looking forward to future joint work. 

UCE Systems founder - Mikhail Stolper 

Key Reasons for UCE Systems Partnering with MinIO: 

  1. Cost of Ownership: MinIO offers a cost-effective storage alternative to cloud based storage. MinIO's ability to run on existing infrastructure allows significantly reduce the overall cost of migrating to a modern data storage platform. 

  2. Stability and Performance: MinIO provides a stable and reliable storage platform for data analytics workloads. MinIO's storage architecture allows for massively parallel reads and writes, resulting in significantly higher throughput.  

  3. Object Storage: As organizations increasingly adopt cloud-based solutions with decoupled data and compute, object storage has become a preferred choice for storing and managing data in the cloud. MinIO's storage platform is compatible with cloud-native object storage services such as AWS S3. This compatibility ensures seamless integration with existing cloud infrastructure and enables organizations to leverage the benefits of cloud storage in a hybrid environment or on-prem solutions. 

  4. Elastic Scalability: One of the key advantages of MinIO's object storage is its ability to scale horizontally, allowing for storage expansion from 100TB to an exabyte. This scalability aligns with the evolving demand and increasing data volumes while maintaining top performance.  

  5. Improved Performance of Hybrid Data Platform: UCE Systems has integrated MinIO with other data platform tools such as Apache Spark and Dremio, significantly improving their performance while reducing total cost of ownership. 

Better Together 

For MinIO UCE Systems adds a hyper-talented firm to their roster of partners and specifically in an area of significant demand - moving out of the Hadoop ecosystem. UCE Systems understands the compute layer and the storage layer and are able to design and deploy large-scale systems for both the enterprise as well as the federal market.  

“The team at UCE Systems has the collection of talents and technical expertise that make them valued partners to their clients. They understand modern, cloud-native infrastructure as well as anyone and we are delighted they have chosen to lead with MinIO.” 

MinIO’s Chief Business Officer - Kris Inapurapu 

Moving Forward 

The collaboration between UCE Systems and MinIO is just the beginning of a transformative journey. As the partnership progresses, the organizations plan to explore further enhancements to their data architecture.  


The partnership between UCE Systems and MinIO signifies a strategic move towards modernizing data analytics architecture.  and addresses the key challenges for their clients associated with migrating from Hadoop or legacy data warehouses to a cloud-ready architecture. The stability, cost-effectiveness, compatibility with object storage, and elastic scalability of MinIO's storage platform provide organizations with a robust foundation for their data analytics workloads. Together, UCE Systems and MinIO are committed to empowering businesses to stay competitive in the rapidly evolving landscape of data analytics, ensuring faster insights, accurate predictions, and efficient reporting.